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"I want to think outside the box because it's crowded in there." -Paul Peshkov

I’ve always been the creative kid in the family. From building castles under my bed as a toddler to making all of my Barbie clothes as a youngster to repurposing furniture and completing DIY projects as an adult, I love being able to share my and other’s ideas with the world.

My Creative Works

I’ve been called Jaci-Of-All-Trades when it comes to my skills in marketing. My skills range all across the modern marketing industry and I’m not afraid to try anything at least once.


My Adobe career took off in my small hometown in Ohio. During my sophomore year of high school, we were assigned an Adobe Photoshop project in Black and White Photography class, and I instantly fell in love with the program. My parents quickly bought the CD-Rom of the program for me, and I would spend hours every week making something new and exciting, including a picture with my brother photoshopped into it several different times doing different activities. Photoshop was a creative outlet that would open the door to the marketing world later in my life.

Fast forward twelve years to when a family friend posted that her company was hiring in Colorado, my dad told me I had to apply, as it had been my dream since I was nine to live in Colorado. I told him I didn’t fit into what they needed, but I applied anyways, not realizing that my Black and White Photography class would be my ticket out of my small town.

Two weeks after accepting the job in the Oil & Gas industry, I was moving out to Colorado. My family friend/ boss would push me to use every Adobe program we needed. She gave me a website to build from the ground up; then, she gave me more. She told me she was giving me the tools to succeed, and I still can’t thank her enough.

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